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Latest update: Somewhere Else – Chapter 22
Extra content! Introducing places and quotes and recipes mentioned in Somewhere Else.

Currently working on (as of 27th June 2020):
+ Somewhere Else: Chapter 23
+ A new Rapihi-brand project! (TEASER) // ETA: July
+ Character introductions for The Rapihi Chronicles
+ Illustration: new profile picture
+ Music project “redsystem” (link fixed: last clip!): discovered an old song I composed 10 years ago and I’m itching to fix it up!

Then I realise I’m still holding onto his fingers, and let go.

We walk side by side down the street in silence until he speaks. “Are you ashamed to be seen with me?”

Somewhere Else: Chapter 22

The making of my very first physical book—in which I wrote, designed, printed out, and bound the book all on my own. The re-illustrated (due to copyright issues, ahem) eBook is available for free download at Smashwords and most major eBook retailers!