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What’s new?
+ Somewhere Else – Chapter 24
+ From Helsinki to Hamburg – places from Somewhere Else
+ Cooking Somewhere Else – recipes from the story
+ RapiChips

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Currently working on (as of 18 September 2020):
+ Somewhere Else: Chapter 25 / word count
+ Character introductions for The Rapihi Chronicles
+ Music projects: The Rapihi Soundtrack & “redsystem” (teaser: last clip!)

And for the first time since birth, I don’t cut her off as she starts talking about the faraway culture she belongs to.

I listen.

Somewhere Else: Chapter 24

The making of my very first physical book—in which I wrote, designed, printed out, and bound the book all on my own. The re-illustrated (due to copyright issues, ahem) eBook is available for free download at Smashwords and most major eBook retailers!